Covid-19 Measures.

We are taking extra measures, not only when creating our grazing products but also during delivery. Some of these measures include; social distancing, wearing PPE, increasing cleaning activities and increasing hand washing (or using hand sanitiser when delivering).

Please see our delivery policy for more information on contactless delivery.

How can I order?

You can order our grazing boxes and platters directly on our website, just head over to 'Shop Grazing'.

For bespoke, large orders, events and luxe picnics, please either fill out the corresponding form (here for events and here for luxe picnics) or send us an email detailing your requirements.


Please read the most to to date cancellation information on each product listing before purchasing or refer to your payment request/confirmation documents if you have ordered via email enquiry.

Please get in touch if you would like more info.


We have a number of grazes that are vegetarian and vegan friendly. Most of our grazes can also be made gluten free. Please be aware, although every care is taken, there is always a possibility of cross contamination. Our kitchen is not a nut free kitchen.

We can make suitable and safe substitutions if you are pregnant. Please get in touch and we can discuss this further before ordering.

Please specify dietary requirements when ordering.


We do our best to cater for allergies. Please contact us before ordering if you have an allergies so we can ensure we can safely cater for you.

Please note, although every care is taken in our kitchen, we do create our products in the same environment as all other products. This means there is a small possibility of cross contamination and therefore, the product may have come into contact and contain traces of the 14 allergens. We advise you do not order our products if you have any severe allergies. Our kitchen is not a nut free kitchen.

How long do the grazes stay fresh?

There is info on the use by date and how to store your graze in the 'More Info' section on our online shop. We also include a Menu and Info card with all of our grazes which will also detail this info.

Platters should be placed on a table or flat surface out of direct sunlight when served. Any leftovers should be refrigerated within 2 hours or discarded after no more than 4 hours of being on display.

Insurance, certificates and food hygiene.

Fresh Alfresco Limited is fully insured and a registered food business with our local council. We have very high standards when it comes to food hygiene and safety. That's why we currently hold a FIVE STAR food hygiene rating.

I have also taken the Level 2 Food Hygiene and Safety for Catering course (EHO Approved) and Food Allergens Awareness course awarded by High Speed Training. Both of these courses are CPD certified and endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality.